• Online and mobile privacy notices (public-facing promises)

  • Internal data privacy policies

  • Data sharing and use practices

  • Terms of use/service

  • International users

  • Data regarding children/minors

  • Vendor compliance

  • Online data collection practices

  • State-specific requirements

  • “Do not track” compliance

  • Mobile data collection practices (geolocation tracking, texting consent)

  • Anti-spam laws - US and Canada 

  • Online/mobile marketing consents

privacy strategies 

for websites and mobile apps  

online and mobile privacy and security

Most companies have an online presence, which may include a website and online marketing via email and social media.  However many companies are not aware of the laws applicable to marketing their business online, the different (and sometimes contradictory) laws of various states and countries, and the potential implications of noncompliance (including civil and criminal sanctions, FTC audits and substantial fines).  Data Law Group attorneys help clients with cutting-edge online and mobile privacy issues, in a rapidly changing landscape.