• Data classification

  • Assess current risk

  • Information security plans

  • "Bring your own device" policies

  • Industry specific compliance

  • State-specific requirements

  • Written information security plans

  • Data encryption plans

  • Data retention and destruction

  • Data breach notification plan

  • Risk management training for executives

  • Employee compliance training 

  • Ongoing review and modification of programs

custom data security programs for your needs and budget

custom data security programs

The data security needs of every business are different, based on your industry, location, where the data is collected/used, and other variables.   DLG attorneys craft comprehensive programs  tailored to your company’s needs, budget and compliance requirements.   We help you establish processes and programs to bridge compliance and contractual gaps, draft policies and guidelines, develop and implement internal training programs, tailor key contract provisions, and align corporate agreements (vendor agreements, customer agreements, NDAs, employee and independent contractor agreements).