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Data Law Group makes sense of the complex regulatory environment governing your business data.  Our programs are customized for your business needs.  We assess data privacy and security risks and the compliance requirements that apply to your company’s data. We develop practical business solutions tailored to your culture, business model and budget. Data Law Group data privacy law, data law group security

Our attorneys can assess your data and how you use it, to determine which laws and industry standards apply to your business.  We then implement appropriate processes and policies to bring your company into compliance. 

We can help you surpass the expectations of your customers, suppliers, and employees as you manage their data. We collaborate with outside security experts for a comprehensive solution. READ MORE 

Data privacy and Security Programs

ONLINE PRIVACY, marketing & Promotions


Websites and mobile applications present unique privacy and security issues, including compliance with the laws of all locations in which you are marketing to users.  Let our experienced attorneys handle your needs.  READ MORE

In addition, we handle digital promotions such as sweepstakes, contests, and social media promotions, as well as other online/mobile marketing.  We also have deep experience in the unique issues posed by user-generated content, and we offer strategies to avoid liability. 

licensing & commercial agreements

With significant experience in numerous licensing transactions, strategic alliances, and other commercial agreements, we are here to help your company reach the business solutions you want to achieve. Whether you are licensing software, content, or other IP, or need an agreement for professional services, website/application development or hosting, product resale or distribution, or other services, we can provide the legal documents to protect your interests.